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What DHD does...
logo_dhd2DHD develops and manufactures digital audio studio technology for professional applications in radio and TV broadcasting studios.

Our customers are public and commercial radio stations around the globe.
52/XC MADI Concentrator
52-7320_foto_rear_example2 With the 52/XC MADI Concentrator, DHD presents its youngest Series 52 member.
 This I/O module provides an additional option for multi-channel connections to your broadcast system.

Its 8 MADI interfaces are concentrated on a fibre-optical cable and connected to a 52/XC or 52/XD Core. The ports are AES10 conform and run with 56 or 64 channels.
DSP Unit 52/XD
52XD core The 52/XD Core is our high-performance device for all Routing and Mixing tasks.

This DSP core performs with all of our Series 52 control surfaces with up to 64 faders or as a central audio routing system with a matrix size of 8704x7424 crosspoints.
Mixing Console 52/DX
52dx_console_1_small The new compact Desktop Mixer 52/DX can be used for OnAir, in the OB van, for News, Edit- and Ingest Stations. Due to the professional DHD-Design with its 4 faders, a TFT Touch Display, and a 1U DSP and I/O unit it can be used in every radio and TV environment.

To install the 52/DX, just put it on the table. No need to cut holes in the furniture – you can start using the mixer immediately.
Compact Mixing Console 52/SX
52sx_console_1_small The 52/SX is the new powerful modular mixing console system made by DHD for radio and TV applications. It is ideal for on-air and pre-production in broadcast studios, at audio workstations and in smaller OB vans. Designed for smaller applications, it complements DHD's product lines 52/MX and 52/RX.

The 52/SX is superseding the RM2200D (produced since 2003), however now basing on the Series 52 firmware platform.
Mixing Console 52/MX
52/MX-1The 52/MX (Modular Mixing Console) is presented in a completely new design, with its redeveloped control desk basing on single-fader modules, control modules and touch-sensitive TFT displays. Due to its new colour, hand rest and angled ergonomic shape, the 52/MX also visually stands out from its predecessors. A wide range of control and fader modules as well as various console frame sizes makes it easy to create the right mixer according to the customer’s requirements.
Mixing Console 52/RX
52-2020b_52-2010_example2The 52/RX Mixing Console, with its 4 to 48 faders, resembles the layout of its predecessing models RM4200D and RM3200D. At the same time, it features prominent advantages of the Series 52, e.g. linking via Ethernet, operation of up to 4 independent mixers with one DSP unit, and the freely configurable TFT Views. Due to module sizes similar to the mentioned systems, you can keep your studio furniture and table installation frames when installing a new Series 52 system.



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